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It’s very clear from how many clippings that are saved under the “Breads and Cakes” tab of my mom’s recipe file that she loved to bake – no doubt about it.

When I was looking for her infamous banana bread recipe, I came across something else I just had to share with you. It’s a 1980’s pull-out guide by Quaker Oats – Issue No. 3/79 (in case you were wondering) and it’s titled, “Rules for Successful Family Meals.”

Now about to be a family of four, I have decided it is already trying enough to put a nice meal on the table for even just the three of us. So upon seeing this, I somewhat sarcastically thought to myself, “This ought to be good!” See below for the introduction and rules!

It’s a serious responsibility that you’re assuming when you prepare meals for family members. A portion of their health – and of their wealth – is entrusted into your hands.
The time is now, as you’re first experimenting in the kitchen, to establish those good habits that will last a lifetime. If you spring into action blindly, you will leave chaos behind, but if you organize your meals well, you will create an atmosphere of harmony that will nurture and strengthen you family’s ties.

The following are “7 rules for successful family meals”:

  1. Plan the day’s meals around the Basic Four Food Groups for optimum nutrition. Learn to interpret nutrition labeling to aid in meeting nutrient needs.
  2. Plan attractive meals with variety in colors, textures, flavors, temperatures and sizes and shapes of foods.
  3. Plan and shop for a full week’s meals at one time. Check the food section of yoru local paper and plan meals around advertised specials.
  4. Make a written time and work schedule for each meal to help insure that all foods are ready to serve and at their proper temperatures when it’s time to serve.
  5. Organize your work area so that frequently used preparation utensils are convenient to get out and replace. “A place for everything and everything in its place” saves time and effort.
  6. Keep your work area clean and safe by removing utensils and equipment after they have been used. Clean-as-you-go cooking saves time needed for after-meal cleanup.
  7. Read all recipes thoroughly and gather and measure all ingredients before you begin to cook.
  8. Turns out the advice is not half bad and whether or not my mom saved this article for the Fancy Fruited Shortcakes or these family meal tips, I don’t really know, but either way I’m glad she did!

  • Vicki Timoteo

    I have been a Mom/Wife in family of four for quite some time. I actually follow these rules, not exactly, but in general. As a working Mom, being organized in my home life gives me peace of mind and frees me up for “me” time! Thank you!

    • Thanks for reading, Vicki! It’s great to know there are other working moms who practice these same “rules”!

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