Hi friends! Boy was last week a whirlwind… As of Saturday, my hubby and I are officially Houstonians! Hard to believe that our time in San Antonio has come to an end. It sure feels bittersweet. As we pulled out of town and started the 3-hour caravan to Houston, tears streamed down my face and I thought to myself “where is this coming from!?” I felt a wave of emotions crash over me — a mix of excitement, happiness, sadness, anxiety and I think partly a little fear of the unknown to come. Change is scary.


I’d be lying if I said that the move was easy. Sure the movers arrived on time and the day overall was pretty seamless. But tensions were high and I’m lucky my husband and I didn’t end up killing each other. He’s the most patient and sweetest souls on the planet — and thank goodness for that. He kept the waters calm throughout the day, despite how many tears, snippy comments or frustrating moments I had. He was organized, resourceful and supportive… He’s the best, y’all.

Now that we’re a few days in, I’ve had time to process the emotions and I feel really happy. It feels good to be back home where our hearts belong but it’s a huge adjustment career-wise for me too. I finally found a job that I absolutely love — the people, the projects… everything — so to say farewell was anything but easy. The good news is that I’ll continue working for the company remotely from Houston, which means I need a home office (commence happy dance)! As you know, I’ve had my heart set on a beautiful home office for quite some time now and so far, I’m loving this “working from home” thing.

I decided on this gorgeous parsons desk from West Elm, this shelving unit from Ikea and a few odds and ends to really perk up the space (including this darling mug, business card holder and some must-have paper products). PS, here’s a little sneak peak of the office! Will share more soon.

PS, can we talk about this beautiful view for a second? I’m obsessed. Hello Houston!


Laurie and I had a fun (and rare) occasion last week where we got to do a little shopping together right before her big move back home to Houston. In the midst of a purposeful shopping trip for one of my little guys, we also got to enjoy a little browsing for ourselves.

Not surprisingly, one of our most favorite stores is Nordstrom Rack. It was late, the store was about to close, but we figured – why not? Laurie pulled a bright floral-patterned pair of high-waist shorts off the rack, gave me no choice and said, “You’re trying these on!”

With only about an ounce of hesitation, I took them to the dressing room. The pattern, albeit, was cute, but the cut was not so flattering and thankfully, with an honest friend like Laurie, we categorized the shorts as a little “weird” and proceeded to buy the exact same adorable black top.

However, I do love color, pattern and texture all combined into one great piece. Perhaps one of these pairs below will be better suited for me. What do you think?

Summer Shorts

BooHoo // H&M // J. Crew // Tara Starlet // Lily Pulitzer // ModCloth // Miss Selfridge // Scotch & Soda // BySymphony

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My baby turned one last week. So naturally, I’m reminiscing. Where did the past year go? It seemed like just yesterday he was born and we were bringing him home from the hospital.

Just wanted to share a few of the sweet moments I had with him soon after he was born. Memories of both my children’s births will always remain in my heart as some of the best times of my life.




We welcomed him with open arms and he has fit into our little family effortlessly. His big brother still thinks the world of him and loves to shower him with hugs and kisses. Of course the occasional brotherly quarrel comes about now that baby is mobile and wants to take over the playroom.

A new chapter of mommyhood awaits!

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