Traveling can take its toll on your belongings and if you don’t pack in an organized way and it can make you feel in disarray. No, I totally didn’t mean for that to rhyme. Nor did I mean it to sound like a 1950’s housewife’s way of “how to care for a heirloom jewels.” I guess I’m just a little particular when it comes to packing…so, whether I’m traveling for work or for a family trip, a girl needs to accessorize!

For the longest time, I just had a little ditty bag that held my jewels for my travels. I couldn’t stand it – everything would tangle together! Now I have two beautiful solutions for packing away my bling safely and in style.


I found this adorable little jewelry pouch from Vera Bradley (similar) during a girls’ weekend a few years ago and it has served me well.


Pretty and practical, it has the perfect number of pockets to store the tiny, the delicate and the fragile.



It all rolls up into one little compact carrier that can be tossed in my bag so I can get on my way.


This Stella & Dot (similar) clutch-style organizer is my newest addition to my travel must-haves!


It holds everything – from rings and studs, to wrap bracelets and long chains. Perfect for longer trips away.



I love the soft suede and leather trim details – isn’t it darling?

While packing may not be the funnest thing to do before a trip, knowing my accessories are organized is always one thing I like to cross off my list. How do you travel with your jewels? Happy Thursday, friends!

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In my kitchen, I have the cutest little espresso maker that my husband bought for me to celebrate one of our very first Valentine’s Days after we were married. I love it. It produces the best foam and it doesn’t get any better than making your own cup of cappuccino or latte on a Saturday morning.

As with any espresso maker, I had to pair it with tiny ceramic espresso cups and cappuccino mugs as well. I got lucky and found these at World Market – a simple design but the quality is great and they’ve lasted all this time. Years later, when we moved into our home, I wanted to display the mugs in our kitchen and found the perfect hanging solution from IKEA.

Now that a few more years have passed, with two young children and on way less sleep, my appreciation for coffee (and let’s be real, my need for coffee) has grown ever so much more. Both the hubby and I wanted to carve out a better space for all of our coffee gadgets. I was inspired by sister-in-law who recently created her very own coffee bar in the breakfast nook of her home. I don’t have photos of her’s yet, but will share soon! So naturally, in order to create a great designed coffee bar, I drew additional inspiration from one of my favorite places – Pinterest.








{ via }



I have this very same tiered stand in my home and I’ve always used it for storing fresh fruits and breads for the week. I love the idea of using it as a miniature coffee station!

Some are simple, others are more elaborate and really get creative by using chalkboard paint – but either way, they all serve the same purpose – to get your day powered up with a latte, cappuccino or coffee.

With a little bit of storage, some fun hardware, shelving and creativity – you can turn any little corner or wall into your very own cafĂ©! Aren’t the block letter details just darling? Or perhaps I’ll create some vintage copper lettering to go with my new coffee bar via A Beautiful Mess.

I look forward to sharing my new coffee bar with you this season! Do you have one of your own? What’s your must-have morning drink? Share with us – we’d love to hear!

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Throughout my life, I’ve learned little quirky things about myself. Some collect things like shoes, nail polish, or little vases. I was working in my office the other evening and realized there were at least six different kinds of cute little note cards sitting prettily in an organizer on my desk. And it hit me – I collect pretty note cards.

I had note cards that were yellow with stripes, pink with polka-dots and gold with embossed medallions and so many more. I even found an old box from my school days filled with personalized stationery cards! What I love most are those special notes with a personal touch. So I wanted to share with you some of my favorite brands when it comes to creatively designed cards.

On a Personal Note

Tiny Prints // Minted // Expressionery // Boatman Gellar

Don’t you just love all of them? These cute cards make it all the more special when you sit to write a thank you, well-wishes or a simple thinking-of-you note. So go get that second cup of coffee and curl up with a stack and perhaps be inspired to send an old-fashioned “hello.”

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