Strawberry Spring Smash -

It’s already the middle of April and that means we’re in the thick of strawberry season! One of my most favorite fruits, strawberries are so versatile when it comes to cocktails. I’ll be really honest, this week has been a tough one thus far – and it’s only Wednesday! So I am definitely in need of a mid-week boozy pick-me-up.

The hubs and I celebrated the impending hump day late last night by concocting this simple smash, which was super easy to shake up. And since the main ingredient is strawberries – we always tend to have them on hand this time of year!

Spring Strawberry Smash for One

– 1 teaspoon sugar (add a little more if you like it extra sweet)
– 1 ounce of lemon juice
– 6 fresh strawberries, 3 hulled, 2 sliced and 1 reserved for garnish
– 2 ounces white rum
– 1 ounce pineapple juice
– blackberries, to garnish

In a mason jar or tall glass, muddle the 3 strawberries with the sugar and lemon juice really well to help dissolve the sugar. Add the white rum and pineapple juice and muddle a little more. Finally, add crushed ice and drop in the sliced strawberries and give it a good stir.

Top with some blackberries (or another fave berry of your choice!) A sprig of mint would also be a nice garnish for this easy cocktail for one.

Cheers to Humpday – this springtime smash is sure to boost your spirits!

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May is right around the corner and that means graduations galore. I feel like my college graduation was just yesterday, and yet this May marks 8 years since the day I crossed that stage… yikes! It’s a pretty incredible feeling walking across that stage and snapping a pic with your beloved diploma. On one hand it feels like the end of an era (hello adulthood) but it also feels like the beginning of something pretty spectacular, too.

Graduation means so many things — new chapter, new job, new place, new adventures. I was lucky enough to jump right into a full-time job after graduation and felt so proud to be standing on my own two feet. For some, that comes earlier than college graduation and for many, that moment is the first real taste of true independence.

I’ll be cheering on several family members this graduation season and to kick things off, I’ve rounded up my favorite finds for the ultimate girly grad including this incredible necklace, jewelry case and fab brush set — fun, quality gifts that any college gal would love. I may just have to snag this for myself too… but shhhhh, don’t tell. ;)

On the hunt for some grad gifts? Shop my picks in the links below!

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I received an adorable gift for my birthday back in January that is right up my alley and I’ve finally decided what to do with it. Did I mention it’s a coffee mug? So the obvious answer may be to drink coffee, right? Yes, drink coffee I will – now that I’ve designed it to be my own perfectly imperfect coffee cup!

The mug is a duel-colored ceramic that came with an oil pen so I could add my own unique touch to it. While I loved the idea of decorating my own mug, I struggled with finding the perfect design that I could be once-and-for-all happy with. So I collected all sorts of ideas on my own Sharpie mug inspiration board on Pinterest. I kept finding all these intricate designs that others had pinned and said they did it themselves, but no one quite fully explained how.

I searched a little deeper and found a half-way decent representation for how to get an intricate design easily transferred to my mug. So here are the steps and a few things you’ll need for your DIY mug:

– Ceramic mug
– Oil pen or Sharpie (oil-based works best for staying power)
– Pencil
– Printer
– Tape
– Scissors

DIY Sharpie Mug -

1. Gather all supplies you’ll need.
2. Print your design on regular copy paper and trim to fit on your mug. (Turns out I liked many elements from the designs I found on Pinterest, so I ended up creating my own using a phrase I love!)
3. Shade the area on the back of the design with a not-too-sharp pencil.
4. Position your design where you want it on your mug and tape it in place.
5. With the same pencil, firmly trace your design – make sure to get each and every little detail!
6. Take off the design and begin to trace each pencil line with your oil-based Sharpie pen.

Last but not least, let your mug set for 24 hours. Then place on a clean baking sheet and bake for 30 minutes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. And now – enjoy your mug! TIP: Even though oil-based pens or Sharpies are recommended, it’s still best to hand-wash your coffee mug to ensure the longevity of your design.

I am definitely happy with how it turned out – and I will certainly make another now that I know the easy trick! But I’ll also say that I would make my design ever-so-slightly larger. I underestimated the thickness of my oil pen, so some of the design did not come out quite as clear as I wanted. But still – it’s something unique I made – which I love – and that’s what counts!

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