Here at R&R, we are always willing to test out new products to review for you and today I’m bringing you some beautifying and soothing items to try. If you like coconut you’re in for a special treat! The JĀSÖN® product line takes itself very seriously – they started their little company back in 1959 and have stuck to their roots using only wholesome ingredients such as apricot oil, wheat protein, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, and even peppermint oil. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

So I wasn’t shocked when their Smoothing Coconut line smelled just like a freshly-cracked coconut straight off the beaches of a Caribbean island.


Smoothing Coconut Hand & Body Lotion // Smoothing Coconut Body Wash // Smoothing Coconut Oil

Their moisturizing body wash is luxuriously gentle using botanical cleansers with coconut oil and Shea butter so your skin soaks in the intense, skin-healthy nutrients and feels ultra soft. Their body lotion was creamy, but not too thick. I used it on my hands and feet and they felt nice and moisturized for hours afterwards. I think I’ll use this product a lot during these dry winter months!

I was most pleasantly surprised by the Smoothing Coconut Oil. At first glance, it looked like a body scrub. But after opening it, (and reading the label) I realized it’s pure solid Coconut Oil. I took a tiny scoop of the solid product and smoothed it over my elbows. It was amazing! My skin instantly soaked up the rich oil and felt incredibly soft. I also loved the suggested uses for the oil – some I never would have thought of. Use the oil for taming frizz and fly-aways; soak in your hair for 30 minutes and rinse with shampoo to help minimize hair breakage and split ends; use on chapped lips, nail cuticles, and any dry patches of skin to nourish.

The pure Coconut Oil is also a USDA Organic product – and you can tell they use unrefined, virgin Coconut Oil, rich in nourishing Vitamin E. You can find the whole JĀSÖN® product line here or in the organic aisle of your local grocery store.

Courtesy Note: JĀSÖN® is a brand that we believe in and love, and R&R was gifted the items featured in this post. All opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting R&R and the brands that support our blog.

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If there’s one thing we’re lacking in our current home, it’s extra space. Our luggage is squished into the closet with the water heater and we have stacks of stuff that fall under the category “I’m-not-really-sure-where-to-put-this” just piling up in random corners. Needless to say, we live in a shoebox. I love our little shoebox, but it’s a shoebox nonetheless.

With the house hunt likely starting in the spring months, I’m putting built-in cabinets at the top of the “must-have” list. Gosh, what I would give for wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling built-ins… sigh. Oh, and a pretty mantel would be just fine too. *swoon*

In the meantime, I’m getting creative with the usage of our space. Now that Hanukkah has begun and the holiday cards keep coming in, I needed to do more than simply place them in a stack on our island (womp, womp). I really wanted to put them on display this year and since many of them are just back-and-front (meaning, not a folded card), it makes it difficult to place them standing upright on a shelf. So, I decided to get creative and hung a piece of twine from our china cabinet doors and used little paper clips to hang them each individually. It’s not overly inventive or out-of-control awesome or amazingly impressive, but it’s definitely a fun way to display these little holiday love notes from our friends and family.

This space also doubles as our bar and the decor tends to rotate with the seasons. So for this time of year, I added a couple metallic chargers (similar), glittery candles and coasters (similar) and holiday ornaments (similar) for a touch of sparkle.

Here’s how it turned out… For not being an uber crafty one here, I’m pretty proud of myself!




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You may know this about me by now, but I’m a pretty frugal shopper. I love pretty things but I’m all about purchasing the best quality for the best price I can find. So taking on a $20 gift challenge should be no problem, right?

However, I still have a few folks left on my holiday shopping list and for some reason, they are all somewhat hard to shop for. I love to make special little DIY gifts in order to save on cost, but in a pinch, let’s just be honest, it’s easier to make a Target run or shop on Amazon for last minute giftables.

So I’ve done just that my friends – here are my top six finds that are simple, beautiful and can either be found locally or shopped from the comfort of your couch. Enjoy!

20Gift Challenge Final

Julep Reindeer Games Duo – $20
// Anthropologie 2015 Wall Calendar – $20 // Contigo 20oz. Water Bottle – $9.99 // Pier 1 Mug – $12.95 // Kate Spade Pen Set (Amazon find) – $20 // And last, but certainly not least, a print from The Shoppe – 5×7’s for just $12!

This year, on my husband’s side of the family, we decided to do a white elephant and the item had to be a drink container of some sort – so I purchased one of the above – they’ll have to wait and see which one it is! Stay merry & bright!

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